Why was the Pendex developed?

In the current way of referring to the size of his penis, a man would say: “My penis is 8 inch or 20cm long!” Well, that’s impressive, but not very special when you are 7 foot or over 2m tall.

For a very long time, until now, the length of the penis was measured only by it’s length, mostly in inch or cm, depending on where you live.

There are big differences of Body-Types around the world!

In some countries penises are smaller, only because men are smaller in general. In other countries penises are bigger, because men in general are bigger.

What we believe:

We believe, that it is not right to use the length of the penis as the only plausible way to measure it’s size.

We believe, that the only fair way to refer to the size of the penis is by the way of the Pendex.

We believe, the size of the penis has to be measured in relation to the body size. (in perspective)

We believe, that the Pendex is a form of Penis enlargement which acts on a psychological level.