How does the Pendex work?

The function of the Pendex Calculator is easily explained in a few steps. It can be used in just a minute, if you know the 4 required measurements.

  • Body size (height)
  • Length of erected Penis
  • Length of flaccid Penis
  • Circumference (Girth) of erected Penis

The Pendex is an index which determines the “relative and relevant size of your penis” by putting it in relation to your body size.

First the calculator puts the penis measurements in relation to your “body height”. Next it compares your relative data to the worldwide body and penis average sizes and calculates your own unique Pendex.

These numbers and a sophisticated mathematical formula are the basis for the revolutionary Penis Index (Pendex) formula.

Below is the result with the numbers of the worldwide research for the average male with a Pendex of 100.

  • Body height: 67.5 inch or 171.5 cm
  • Length of erected Penis: 5.1 inch or 13 cm
  • Length of flaccid Penis: 3.2 inch or 8.1 cm
  • Circumference (Girth) of erected Penis: 4.85 inch or 12.3 cm

If your Pendex calculation results in a Pendex over 100, it means that your Pendex is higher than the world average Pendex.

If the calculation results in a Pendex below 100, your Pendex is lower than world average.

Important:The world average penis to body ratio (Pendex) ALWAYS equals a Pendex of 100.”